New Era Apostleship Restitution

New Era Apostleship Restitution
N.E.A.R. - A Collaborative in Motion, A Movement of Many

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Joining the N.E.A.R. collaborative of five-fold ministers and professionals is easy.  At, after selecting the membership level of your choice, you can gain immediate access to our exclusive online community, gain access to training products and resources, engage in blogs, forums and webinars, take advantage of member discounts and other membership benefits, have access to professionals, training groups, advisors, consultants, and much more.


Your collaborative monthly payments are determined by what level and type of participation in the collaborative you would like to have.  Basic entry level membership starts as low as $35 per month.

N.E.A.R. is More Than a Network

Although N.E.A.R. members do actively network, our primary objective for doing so is to demonstrate how networking should gather God's experts and prospects to engage them responsibly in profitable enterprises.  This, we have this found to be more valuable than collecting hundreds and hundreds of names for our directory.

How to Engage with N.E.A.R.

If you are an apostle or a leader over a ministry already that is stable and thriving, you do not have to sacrifice that accomplishment to collaborate with N.E.A.R.  You can join as a group that brings your successes and support team with you for covering, collaborating, outreach, and growth.  You decide.  The guidelines for a group leader like you are contained in its own pamphet.                                                      

  • As an apostle or apostolic prophet over your own owkr with a following, you can come aboard as a chairperson over your group after your group specialization is determined.  Evaluating your group is performed through PPM Global Resources Organizational or Group Assessments.
  • If you are a ministry or business, your expertise or specialization should be recognized by your emphasis.  Nonetheless, N.E.A.R. highly recommends that you and your team also take the assessment to discover your strengths, potential, and particular ministry or professional concentration.  It will increase your potential and prosperity in the collaborative.                                                      
  • If you are not an apostle or prophet and wish to bring your group under N.E.A.R. or to collaborate with it in any significant way, you are eligible to do so as a vice chair and urged to link up with the Collaborative Group Chair t hat is most compatible with your organization or one that you have worked successfully with in the past.

The New Era Apostleship Restitution is….

A Kingdom Collaborative

N.E.A.R. is a kingdom collaborative founded by Dr. Paula Price,  that unites God’s new era ministries, visions and ventures, businesses and professionals in powerful productive, and profitable ways that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

A Strategic Collaboration

N.E.A.R. is an innovative approach to linking apostleship’s vision and ventures through a unique structure that allows all of its members to bring what they have done, have been doing, or are called to do for the Lord into a collaborative process that permits every member to enjoy the Lord’s commonwealth.

Turning Vision to Venture

N.E.A.R.’s Strategic Kingdom Collaborative is the optimal organization of its membership’s collective and individual resources, talents, experiences and expertise.                                                    

More than a Network                                                    

Although Near does network, its primary objective for doing so is to demonstrate networking should gather God's experts and prospects to engage them responsibly in profiable enterprises. This, it has found to be more valuable than collecting hundreds and hundreds of names for its directory.

Member Benefits

  • Allows you to "Connect" with N.E.A.R. - Click Here
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  • Allows you to "Contribute" with N.E.A.R. - Click Here
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All NEAR Membership includes…                            

  • Ability to sign-up for live meetings and training sessions/seminars via webinars and professional groups;
  • Access to Live Streams “free”
  • Access to a NEAR Library
  • Discounts on Products, Events and Training
  • Spiritual covering & intervention

Get Connected!

Joining N.E.A.R. is easy, fast and convenient.  You can choose your preferred collaborative level, learn more about the different ways you can be involved, keep up with members dues and log on to N.E.A.R.'s very own social network just for members.

Who is N.E.A.R.

A collaborative association that exist to unite five-fold apostolic Christians and visions across the globe. Using a commonwealth model N.E.A.R.'s goal is to join together the talents, expertise and resources of its members to establish a uniformed agency of ministry service to meet the needs of God's Kingdom world wide.

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